Ramificare - Solo Exhibition


"A tree's development represents both the history and the future of its growth, of its putting on branches and roots, its adaptation and its search for water and light"

John Berger


A complex network of acacia branches stretches across the paper. A woman's figure sits over the slow expansion of the trunk which branches out until it opens up into buds and small leaves. Each movement performed by the plant over time is observed and reconstructed by the sign on the sheet to investigate its ratio and participate, with this exercise of patience and solicitude, in the slow fatigue of nature. The necessary and constant tension of organic growth, whose direction of development is unknown until it manifests itself, is an image of Miriam Pertegato's drawing practice: the artist does not follow final shape but lets herself be guided by what the sign on paper progressively suggests. Looking at something of one's own growth from the outside, with dedication and with a heart ready and open to discover, corresponds to the attitude of a mother towards her child. Although Miriam's work is deeply personal, this affectionate detachment of the author from her creation allows every observer to get in tune with her drawings, even without knowing which memory of the artist's life is connected to the story evoked by the images. or what reflection determined the style of the representation. The lightness of the line and the look are combined, in his creations, with the quiet and profound contemplation of oneself and of the relationship between one's body and natural becoming. Some cards were born from the experience of an artistic stay in Finland, a land that inspired Miriam Pertegato's visual research even after leaving her, others offer fragments of intimate and affectionate relationships, with an old dog who recently passed away and with a little girl who has just arrived. The author's body is almost always present, but without any desire for exhibition being perceived, because in the drawing the body becomes universal, it is not an imprint of the ego but an instrument of reflection. The observer is thus invited to witness brief moments of introspection, often lightened by a self-deprecating smile, or she may decide to get lost, like a child in a paper forest, in search of a loved and lost animal.

Ermanna Panizon


Opening friday 22nd  of march, at 6.30 pm

Spazio Leolab via dei Leo 6/a

34141 - Trieste

The exhibition will be open until may, 10th, from monday to friday  10-12 and 4-7 p.m.

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