Memory from a Residency: Seventh week in Ii


Between me and Ii: solo exhibition
opening 30.11 at 6 p.m.
KulttuuriKaupila, Kaupilantie 15, Ii


"Ii" it is a small town in the Oulu region, Finland, and it is also the name of the river that it flows few meters far from my studio place where I am working since the lasts couple of months

Between Me and Ii is a “intimate landscapes” exhibition. Using drawings and paintings I told the way I experienced of Ii environmental, I put together the real life at my Residency and my imagination, to develop pictures that stay between dreams and reality. In old Sami language “ii” also means heaven’s place where to find shelter.

This week I'll post a collage of pictures of Ii and of my works in progress.

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