"We are as
in autumn
on branches
the leaves" *

With deep respect for the soldiers Ungaretti spoke of, it is true that even precarious Italian teachers, every autumn they tremble like leaves in the wind in the expectation and hope of (re) finding a  place where to work as close to home, or where to be able to teach at their best. For 9 years, since 2008, I taught precariously at the Venice Academy, then in the autumn of 2017 a new wind abruptly detached me from Venice and sending me to Florence, much farther from home (but the alternatives Sassari or Lecce would have been even remoter from Trieste).

From the autumn of 2017 and for three years I taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, a very happy professional period, like having  a three-year degree course in self-esteem, thanks to the trust placed in me by colleagues and students. Thanks Florence.

In the autumn of 2018 I became a tenured teacher.

In autumn 2020, a little by mistake and a little by will, I returned to teach in Venice.



* translation from the Giuseppe Ungaretti poem by ©Matilda Colarossi

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